Deveraux Overview
the focused
Deveraux is a durable collection that focuses on the individual user’s needs. This collection creates a private and non-distracting environment through traditional design and modern solutions.
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durable deveraux

The lifespan of public furniture can often be shortened by its harsh environment. Deveraux’s sturdy design accompanied by durable materials will ensure that the furniture will be around for years to come.

Modern Additions.

As the world innovates in both style and technology, so do we. Deveraux has been redesigned to include surface mounted power unit upgrades so users can easily charge their personal devices, a built-in wire management system, optional frosted acrylic dividers to provide privacy with an open feel, and much more.

modern additions
individual focused
Individual Focused.

Deveraux was designed with a focused feeling in mind. The traditional aesthetic divides the user from the distractions around them so that they can focus on the task at hand.

Table Shapes
round table shape
pod table shape
straight df table shape
straight (DF)
straight df table shape
straight (DF)
rectangle table shape
bullet table shape
straight sf table shape
straight (SF)
straight sf table shape
straight (SF)
hex table shape
polygonal hex
octa table shape
polygonal octa
Divider Options
acrylic divider
wood divider
Available Power Units
node power unit
moire power unit
hemisphere power unit
Top Edge Detail Options
top edge detail A
designer edge “A”
top edge detail B
designer edge “B”
top edge detail C
designer edge “C”
top edge detail E
designer edge “E”
top edge detail I
designer edge “I”

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