Everest Overview
the modular and flexible
Everest is a complete system giving you the ability to have your storage where you need it, when you need it. From display to storage, Everest is a great way to compliment your existing furniture.
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modular book shelves


Everest’s full-frame construction allows for a quick and easy installation while providing maximum flexibility with a number of options from shelf upgrades to the addition of doors and more. The use of starter/adder units, as well as corner fillers and face fillers, give Everest the ability to fit between walls without any gaps.


Wood panel doors, as well as full frame glass doors, can be added with or without a locking mechanism to any shelving unit as a standalone unit or with a run of shelving. Display and exhibit cases compliment the furniture and provide a great way to showcase your accomplishments in a protected environment.


Everest is a complete storage and display system for books, periodicals and other media, with a wide variety of visual and functional options designed to be modular and flexible. Standard material selections are oak and maple with a large availability of wood finishes.

Shelf Upgrade Options
adjustable divider
adjustable divider
fixed divider
fixed divider
picture book
picture book
triangular divider
triangular divider
Continuous Top Edge Detail Options
top edge detail A
designer edge “A”
top edge detail B
designer edge “B”
top edge detail C
designer edge “C”
top edge detail E
designer edge “E”
top edge detail I
designer edge “I”

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