Retro Overview
the post-modern
Clean lines give Retro its timeless post-modern appearance that benefits from added warmth provided by its solid wood arm frame. Available in single-seat, two seat, and three seat options that are best complemented with Retro’s matching end or magazine tables.
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free-standing retro
Retro was designed and built to create visual interest while remaining fully functional within a public space. With matching magazine and end tables, this collection creates a consistent, modern, and inviting lounge space that stands apart from the existing market.
Retro is engineered to provide all of the necessary comforts for the modern user. The seat angles are designed to give good posture by having a backrest angle that gives proper support to the spine and a horizontal seat design which gives comfort without absorbing the user.
comfort retro
timeless retro
Retro’s simple and clean aesthetic in combination with our wide and diverse textiles program is a perfect pairing to match your space. Whether you are looking to create a bold and unique contrast through materials, or a more subtle look, Retro is flexible to match any space.
Lounge Options
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Table Options
end table
end table
magazine table
magazine table
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