Titan Overview
the integrated
Titan is a series of metal storage units featuring consistent horizontal lines and integration with various LIAT product. The offering includes low profile pedestals, laterals, and storage cabinets for a variety of needs within the work environment.
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low profile titan
Low Profile.
Titan integrates seamlessly with other LIAT collections to create an ideal work environment. Combine a mobile pedestal with a top cushion for impromptu seating and convenient storage.
Visual Harmony.
Titan features consistent horizontal lines and full-width fronts. Combine lateral units with LIAT desking products to create subtle space divisions, better organization, and convenience.
visual harmony titan
titan storage
Titan’s storage cabinets include several size options as well as adjustable shelves so that you are able choose the option that is perfect for your space. These storage cabinets are perfect for office supplies, project binders, and more.
box/box/file pedestal freestanding
file/file pedestal freestanding
box/box/file pedestal
file/file pedestal
pencil/box/file pedestal
box/file pedestal
pencil/box/file pedestal with top cushion
Pencil/Box/Filetop cushion
box/file pedestal with top cushion
Box/Filetop cushion
box/file lateral
open shelf lateral
open shelf
box/file lateral with top cushion
Box/Filetop cushion
open shelf lateral with top cushion
Open Shelftop cushion
Storage Cabinets
66 inch high storage cabinet
66″ high4 adjustable shelves
52 inch high storage cabinet
52″ high3 adjustable shelves
40 inch high storage cabinet
40″ high2 adjustable shelves
29 inch high storage cabinet
29″ High1 adjustable shelves
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