Translate Overview
the spacious
The Translate Collection was designed with a modern and open feel in mind. With an angular frame, Translate creates an interesting look without intruding on the space around it. From free standing tables to modular desking systems, let Translate lighten your space and increase your productivity.
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unobstructed translate

Angled, low profile frames complemented with frosted dividers give Translate it’s modern and open feel, with a hidden understructure providing the stability of any heavy paneled table. The Translate Collection offers free standing tables as well as a modular desking system with built-in power/data options and integrated wire management solutions.


Whether you choose a straight, pod, or arc-shaped unit for your desired setup, Translate will allow for optimum use of space for individual work stations and collaborative spaces by eliminating unnecessary support structures without compromising it’s stability. Use our provided CAD blocks to see what you can create!

modular translate
shared spaces
Shared spaces.

Translate’s desking system gives the opportunity to provide the optimum set-up for your space requirements. The combination of a pod starter and a fish end with integrated DropShare technology offers individual workspaces as well as an area for collaboration in one modular set-up.

Edge Details
wood A edge
wood A
MDF edge
PVC edge
Frame Styles
open frame
powder coat MDF frame
powder coat MDF
x-base frame
wood frame

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